We are experts on the data life cycle, so we develop projects that cover all of the stages, assuring its quality from the data preparation and ingestion until its exploitation.

Big Data

We have the data when we need it and from any source: we extract, process, and analyze it in real-time or in batches, saving it in a data warehouse or data lake. Then we analyze and exploit the data, displaying it effectively to make consultations, reports, and information boards.

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We develop models of artificial intelligence to automatize processes, and we train them to learn new tasks.

In Advanced Analytics, we apply automatic learning methods looking for patterns, correlations, making classifications, divisions, simulations, or what is required.

Data Distribution

The tendency is to use the cloud because it can be used based on demand, with the necessary capacity and saving resources in the process, but the on-premise option can be more valuable in some cases.

Exploiting SAP in Google Cloud

We are experts in exploiting SAP from Google Cloud. We display SAP in Google Cloud, connect it with G Suite, Big Query, or in general, any necessity that requires combining both worlds.


In AiRENOVE, we have our own methodology based on CRISP-DM (the most used in projects related to Data Science), and in the Agile Methodology.